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BEES Blog is the place where you can see our latest posts and catch up with what has been going on and any big news.  There is always so much going here with the elephants, volunteers and other residents at our sanctuary. If you would like more information about any of our blog posts please contact us here.

Team work makes the dream work

Team work makes the dream work! It goes without saying that it takes a team to keep the wheels in motion at a facility like BEES, as well as a community of people from near and far to help us grow and continue. Whether that be directly hands on, on the ground or through donations […]

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Christmas 2020

Goodbye 2020, Here’s to 2021 being a better year for all!   Dear BEES Friends, As 2020 comes to an end we wanted to take some time to reflect on this crazy year, a year that we were forced to switch to survival mode and tested many of us in ways we never thought it […]

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8 Years of Elephants at BEES

8 Years of Elephants at BEES On the 29th May 2012 our lives changed forever. We had spent many months meeting and endless hours speaking with elephant owners trying to encourage them to join our new more ethical approach to Elephant Tourism and allow us to retire their elephants under rental contract. Finally after what […]

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Adoptions now available

Adoptions now available for any of our retired elephants.  You might adopt for yourself, a family member or friend and show you care in a most meaningful way. By adopting one of our elephants you are helping ensure the best food, care and veterinary services are available. Above all that, a life of dignity and […]

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Captive ‘Domestic’ Elephants

On August 12th 2019, we celebrated our 7th World Elephant Day here at BEES.  Recently, we have spent some time reflecting on the trials and tribulations of running a sanctuary and the complex issues surrounding captive ‘domestic’ elephants. We would not be where we are today without the help and support of many across the […]

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Mae Dok Retirement

Mae Dok Retirement: It truly has been awe-inspiring spending this time with Mae Dok and the observing the new found friendship that instantly sprung only a few short hours after Mae Dok stepped off the transport truck into her retirement home almost 2 months ago. In February we were preparing to bring an elephant named […]

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