Buy Supplies

There are many aspects to running our sanctuary and the operational costs are always a big consideration. A great way for you to support us are to buy us some supplies.  This is a huge help for us as we are a small operation and it is always a challenge to make ends meet, our elephants and rescued animals take a lot of looking after!  We also help the local community and your generosity can also enable us to do more.  Below are items that are important requirements for BEES Elephants Sanctuary and we would be so grateful

By Supplies Collage

Food Supplies are so important for the Elephants as well as all the other rescued animals!

By Supplies - Medical Collage

We have many animals in our care and most need Vet and Medical treatment so access to these resources are critical to us.

Buy Supplies Fuel

Fuel is a big cost for us as we need to continuously drive to collect food and other supplies from local businesses and local growers.

What You Get

  • A happy feeling that you are doing something that is a significant contribution to helping us achieve our goals and objectives.
  • A token of our sincere gratitude for your support in the form of a Thank You sent via e-mail.
  • We are a small team and spend most days out running the Sanctuary so will respond to your generous purchases when we are finished at the sanctuary for the day.

What You Need To Do

  • Be 18 years of age or older (you could get your parents to buy us supplies for you!)
  • Select the Supplies you wish to buy for us.
  • Pay for your the supplies you wish to buy, at this time due to financial regulatory issues you can only use PayPal for payments .
Buy Supplies