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Mae Dok grew up in the village of Huay Suer Tow which is the previous work place and home of Thong Dee and Boon Yuen. Mae Dok spent much of her early years logging and helping with farming, when logging was banned she joined 30 other elephants for tourism in the area giving rides. Most recently she was used at the Karen Long Neck touristic Village as an attraction where she would beg people to feed her banana and sugarcane for 20 baht and have selfies taken. During her life time she gave birth to 2 still born calves and had 1 successful baby after the devastating still births. The baby daughter was separated from her at 1 year old and used as a tourist attraction in Chiang Mai, we really hope we can track her daughter down one day. Now, 30 years on from the logging ban, Mae Dok was the only elephant left in the area. Due to diminishing space and poor economy in the area all the other elephants were sold off or those rented out from other communities were moved on to work in larger camps in Chiang Mai. Our dreams finally came true, Mae Dok at the age of 58,  retired to BEES on 6th of March 2019.

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  • Adopt Mae Dok for 6 Months
  • By adopting an elephant you will help us provide the level of care required to ensure our elephants are free from stress, provide the vet care needed and feed them so they remain healthy.
  • When you adopt, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption, the latest update on the progress of your adopted elephant and updates on their progress every 2 months for the term of the adoption.  These will all be delivered by email.


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