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Elephants are big beautiful creatures and consume a lot of food!
This is an ongoing cost for us and so important for the welfare
of each elephant in our care.  We purchase a wide variety of fruits
and vegetables including pumpkins, corn, various grasses, bananas,
water melon or whatever else is in season.  All of these come from
local producers in our community so help with their income ♥️.
You can select how much you wish to purchase for us below and the
amount options are:
One day, one week, two weeks or one month.

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We thank you for your support as to buy elephant food enables
many other great opportunities such as supporting the local
growers in our community.

The purchase price is in Thai Baht and you can check the exchange
rate to your countries currency here: Xe Currency Converter

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One day, One week, Two weeks, One month


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