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Support BEES Elephant Sanctuary In The Work That We Do!

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We are a small organisation but we have big ambitions and when you donate funds, you help us to achieve them!
These donated funds are the difference we need to enable us to strive forward and realise these goals.
Some of these goals include:

  • Upgraded the enclosures for our Elephants
  • Additional enlosures for future rescued Elephants
  • Provide the funding we need to rescue Elephants
  • Sponsor education of local children
  • Build and equip a small Vet Hospital
  • Expand or land so the Elephants have more room to roam
  • Large scale planting of trees and grasses as food and natural medicines for the Elephants
  • Infrastructure programs to help the local people

We also have lots of operational costs so donated funds can also assist us to we are able to provide food, care and shelter for all of the animals that we have in our care.  Some of our operational costs include:

  • Food for the Elephants
  • Food for the many cats and dogs that we care for
  • Fuel for the trucks
  • Medical supplies
  • Wages for the Staff
  • Wages for the Mahouts
  • Building maintenance
  • Enclosure maintenance
  • Purchase of school supplies for local children

If you would like to help us, click on the button!

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Donate! - School Children

It is the generosity of our supporters that enables us to continue with our work!

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