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Burm & Emily's

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Our sanctuary is dedicated to
the welfare of the elephants
and other animals in our care

We are a Not For Profit Organisation located in Ban Mae Chem, Thailand

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You Can Visit Us!
Our visitor programs are designed so you can see what we do and and experience life at our sanctuary.

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Please Consider Helping Us

We Rely On The Love
And Generosity Of
Our Supporters

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BEES Elephant Sanctuary A Home For Elephants

“We are pioneers in the hands off, observation-based approach putting elephant welfare at the forefront of all we do. This is a home for the elephants where roles have been reversed and humans now work for them. By booking our program, not only are you helping directly to provide these amazing creatures with a happy, flappy and thriving retirement. You are also helping to support the rescue animals in our care at BEES and providing wages to all the wonderful care staff. This is a quality over quantity facility, we invite you to join us and immerse yourself in an authentic experience with the elephants, animals and community and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.”

Burm and Emily


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Help Support Our Work! Your Generosity Allows Us To Provide All The Services Required To Operate Our Facility

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