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Thong Dee arrived at BEES on the 22nd November 2014 with another elephant named Boon Yuen. Thong Dee had a very poorly digestive systems and worn teeth. We developed a supplemental diet, bought in vitamins and a purchased a food shredder, gave her a  partly shredded diet to help get the nutrients they needed. She has good days and bad, the bad days used to involve giving her enemas and oral medications to help when she got an impaction and couldn’t defecate without help. The tourism and logging industry took so much of her life and left her with deep scars on her shoulders from improper harnessing. Despite all this she learnt to trust in humans again, starting with her owner and eventually learning to trust us here at BEES.

When Thong Dee first arrived at BEES she was under rental contract, sadly in July 2015 her best friend Boon Yuen passed away. Poor Tawee decided Thong Dee should never leave BEES. In the months to follow we did a fundraising campaign to support Poor Tawee to have a Happy retirement and give Thong Dee the permanent natural home she deserved at BEES so she could spend the rest of her days grazing in the green grasses not too far from her beloved Boon Yuen’s resting place.

Thong Dee has since tried to make friends with other elephants with no luck and seems to be content being without an elephant companion. We hope one day we can retire another elephant that she may bond with. In the meantime she has developed a lovely relationship with her Caretaker P’or Kham and spends her days flirting with him, they have their own language together. He treats her like a queen and would do anything to make sure she is safe and well cared for. A very special Human-Elephant bond indeed.

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Thong Dee

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